Sunday, April 17, 2016

Escape the Room Stargazer's Manor Review

About Escape the Room Stargazer's Manor
Escape the Room games began as digital adventures and quickly turned into real-life events all around the world. In both versions, players are locked in a room and must uncover clues and hidden objects to escape. ThinkFun's version of Escape the Room allows you to bring home all the excitement of this experience, without actually locking anyone in a room. Spend an evening working with your guests to unravel the mystery of the Stargazer's Manor and save a well-known astronomer by finding clues and solving puzzles. But be careful, in this nail-biting party game, the doors have shut and locked behind you. Will you and your guests be able to solve the mystery and save the astronomer before time runs out?

Our Experience
My wife and I have never played a game like this before and to be honest, I was rolling my eyes when my wife suggested it. Although, inviting some friends over to spend the evening playing a game and having some drinks sounded a lot better then having another poker night. My wife got into it before we even started. She visited the website to send out the the invitations, but after she showed it to me, I thought we could have more fun with it.  I copied the text from the site and pasted it into Word, changed the font to a fancy script and then printed on parchment paper and we mailed them out instead. Now I wish we’d had a cool wax seal to put on it too. The night of the party, we didn’t wear any costumes but we did put on some harpsichord music on the iPhone and lit quite a lot of candles and dimmed the lights in the dinning room. We had dinner and enjoyed hanging out. (Some wine was involved, I’m happy to say.) We opened up the box of our very first “Escape The Room” game, Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. BTW, make sure you don’t open anything before you start. Actually, pick a host (Me) and read the instructions before hand. When everyone is ready, prepare the timer on your phone, and start reading from Scene Card 1 - Investigate the Manor. There will be a prompt when to start the timer. (2 hours for 3-5 players and 1.5 hours for 6-8). 

Now, I’m not going to say anything about the plot, because it’s a one time game (at least for the same group of people, but if you host it again you’ll know things) and we finished a little after an hour. It was fun and we all had a great night. I wish that it was more like those old Roberta Williams PC games from the 90’s. I personally would have liked it to be scarier and gruesome, but this is definitely a kid friendly game! I highly recommend this game and look forward to playing more “Escape The Room” games. 

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