Tuesday, May 9, 2017

SCRAAAM Coaster GT Balance Bike Review

The NEW lightweight SCRAAAM COASTER GT Aluminum Kids Balance Bike is designed to offer the best value, safest experience and the most smiles for the dollar in a kids pedal free bike. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT is a result of years of development and product testing. We benchmarked the best bikes on the market and aimed to be better in every way. Some of the features of the SCRAAAM Coaster GT include:
Lightweight aluminum frame. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT weighs LESS THAN 5 pounds!!!
Kids size handlebar grips. Many kids bikes have 1" diameter grips, the same as adult bikes. Our grips are 5/8" diameter, optimally sized for kids hands, giving greater control and confidence.
4 level side guard protection grips. We know kids can be rough on bikes; dropping the bike on its side or rubbing against walls. We have added 4 levels of protection on the end of each grip to protect not only the bike but the rider's fingers.
Quick release black anodized fasteners on the handlebar and seat for quick and easy adjustments.
Handlebar pad. Offers an additional level of safety and that cool "racing bike" appearance.
2 Sets of graphics. On top of the standard "SCRAAAM COASTER GT" branding, you also get 2 sets of unique graphic patterns with each bike. These come uninstalled to allow your child to choose the unique look they want.
Included Bike Stand. A portable bike stand ensures the bike always has a "home". This helps teach kids to care for their bike and minimizes damage. A lighter bike will not only be safer for your child but it will make the experience more enjoyable.The SCRAAAM COASTER GT is the perfect balance bike for kids 18 months to 5yrs+. Kids who learn to balance on a pedal free bike have a much easier time learning how to use a pedal bike, with most transitioning without the need for training wheels.

My Experience
My middle two boys just learned to ride their bikes at the beginning of this year. They are 5 and 8. I’m hoping that getting my daughter started on a balance bike when she is younger she will have an easier time learning to ride.
The SCRAAAM Coaster GT balance bike came with all the required tools. My husband has it assembled in less than 15 minutes.
We had gotten another brand of balance bike, but after assembling it and trying to get her on it, the seat was way to high and her feet couldn’t touch the ground. The seat on the SCRAAAM Coaster GT balance bike is able to go as low as 11.5 inches so even though she is only 20 months old she is able to get on and off it easily. Sometimes the bike falls over, but because it is so light she can stand it back up. Also, because it is so light it is easy to carry home when she gets tired of riding.
She is starting to learn by walking the bike without sitting on it. I think after a few more times she will learn to sit and push with her feet. She is currently using the smaller seat, but as she gets bigger we will change the seat to the larger padded one with the added carrying handle.

A couple other features that I like are that the tires are foam rubber so we will never get a flat. Also, there is a kick stand included so it doesn’t have to lay on the floor. Overall, this bike has lots of great features and it will grow with her over the next couple years until she is ready for a peddle bike.

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