Sunday, March 6, 2016

Money Savvy Kids Review

About Money Savvy Kids
Looking for ways to help your children learn good money habits? Money Savvy Generation offers the award-winning Money Savvy Kids@Home curriculum, a creative, child-friendly educational program that teaches personal finance basics in a fun, approachable way.  Based on the concepts introduced in the classroom version of the EIFLE award-winning Money Savvy Kids classroom curriculum, Money Savvy Kids@ Home is an economical way to bring the lessons into your own home.  The eight lessons include: History of Money, Where Does Money Come From?, Kids Can Earn Money Too, Saving, Smart Spending, Donating, Investing and a Family Money Press Conference. Each kit includes a parent handbook, student workbook, presentation CD with over 100 images and music, an activity book and a 4-chambered Money Savvy Pig bank.  Ideal for Ages 6 - 11. 

Our Experience
Teaching my kids how to manage their money hasn't been easy. My first son is a saver and my second son is a spender. I'm hoping my youngest will learn how to do both responsibly. We went through all the chapters on the Money Savvy Kids CD-ROM. I like that the concepts are explained in terms that are easy for my son to understand. He has learned a lot of new vocabulary! The parent handbook is filled with discussion questions and activities so I felt prepared. 
The student workbook and coloring and activity book really reinforce the concepts that he is learning. He's is a little young to be able to write his answers on his own so I helped read the questions and write his answers. He was able to draw the pictures and color. He liked that the coloring pictures we the same as the ones on the computer. My son also enjoyed the songs! The lyrics are also printed in the handbook so we could sing along.
After we were done with all the chapters we emptied his old piggy bank and separated it into the four categories: Save, Spend, Donate, and Invest. He already knows that his spend money is going towards a pair of sunglasses and he is saving for a 3DS. He hasn't decided how he wants to donate or invest his money, those ideas are a little harder for him to grasp, but he is still adding to those categories and in time we will review the lessons and he can make a decision.
I also want to say what good customer service I received! I appreciate how quickly they responded when I contacted them. Overall, I'm excited to see how he uses these concepts over time and I know that we can always revisit the information as he gets older and is able to understand it in a more in depth way.

You can purchase your own Money Savvy Kids kit here.

I received this product mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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