Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rally Up! Review

About Rally Up!
What happens when 110 exotically illustrated cards are shuffled, distributed, and then rhythmically turned face-up on the table? Players will find themselves in a hullabaloo and will race to rally up 2 or more images belonging to the same family! Scan swiftly through the craziness to get these thingies back to where they belong!

Our Experience
All three of my boys ages 4-10 love playing this game. They enjoy the art on the cards, especially the monsters. I found the instructions to be a little unclear. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to place the upturned cards on top of each other or next to each other. We choose to play them next to each other, but I'm sure it can be done either way. We had to designate one person to be the counter (1, 2, 3, go) so that everyone turned over their cards at the same time. To start with we had to refer to the category card to know if we had a match. It is a little challenging to tell the pastries and the candies apart. My youngest son has had fun playing on his own by sorting the cards into each of the categories. I also like that this comes in a sturdy tin for storage. Also the more players you have, the more fast paced and fun it becomes! Overall, this is an excellent activity for family game night!

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