Friday, July 8, 2016

Recovery Tank Top Review

About Mamaway Recovery Tank Top
Getting your post-baby body back can be a bit daunting on your own. Fortunately, Mamaway Recovery Nursing Shaper provides new moms the much-deserved help to get their shape and confidence back. This postpartum shapewear is designed to guide your body back to its pre-baby form while letting you spend time with your little one. Not only will this shapewear keep everything in, but it also helps your abdominal muscles return to their natural shape. Mamaway’s recovery tank top is safe and comfortable enough to wear while breastfeeding. It’s built-in nursing bra has a unique crossover design for easy, one hand breastfeeding access. Just pull the cups to one side and you’re ready to feed your baby. It is soft, comfortable and will not your affect your appetite or inhibit milk production. It is also made with antibacterial properties so you can stay germ free while feeding the baby. Designed to give you comfortable abdominal support, this body shaper nestles neatly under your bust giving a touch of lift. It helps smooth back your belly and tame that muffin top. Its comfortable enough to wear anywhere. Soft and durable to provide the needed support for your constantly-changing breasts. Made from silky smooth and breathable fabric, this postpartum shapewear is also comfortable enough to sleep in. Easy to use. Just pull up from the bottom to your shoulder and you’ll have a fabulous waistline in an instant. Look as if you’ve magically lost pounds and inches with this Mamaway Recovery Nursing Shaper.

My Experience
After four kids I am certainly a little soft in the middle! I'm starting to accept my mom body, but I still want to have a smooth silhouette. This shaper helps me achieve that. This shaper is so comfortable! The polyester/spandex fabric is silky and feels great against my skin. The fabric is breathable, however I feel a little warmer with it on I think just because it is an added layer. It is easy to put on, by stepping into it, and pulling it up and sliding my arms in. The built in nursing bra is nice. I feel like I want more support so I still wear my regular nursing bra with it. If I wear the shaper at night I might only use the built in nursing bra. There is a little bit of boning on the sides of the bra. It adds a little bit of structure and support. The two layers of fabric on the front side make it easy to move in. I also like that it is long and covers down to my hips. It doesn't stop mid waist and end up giving you an ugly bulge. I do wish it fit a little tighter and had stronger support around my tummy.  I'm 5' 8" and weigh about 155 now, I bought a size large to give me enough room in the bust. I went with the generic size chart on Amazon and would buy one size smaller next time. Overall, this shaper gives me some extra confidence that I look good when I leave the house.

You can purchase the Mamaway Recovery Tank Top here.

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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