Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Luco Wooden Bricks Review

About Luco Wooden Bricks
A fun an educational wooden bricks set in four unique interlocking shapes that will stay intact once formed, allowing kids to create a variety of different structures, with limitless possibilities. The durable and eco-friendly bricks come in bright colors and natural wood  providing a playful mix and is the perfect way to teach children about sustainability. 
Luco Bricks provides children with the tools to explore their imagination and enhance their creativity while developing and honing their architectural and fine motor skills. Luco toy bricks will spark your child’s imagination and foster creativity as they play with this truly innovative set.
With Luco Bricks your architectural adventure is about to begin.

Our Experience
We have three boys and a baby girl. Toy blocks are important and we have had all kinds, including Lego and Mega-Blocks. So, when my wife saw wood blocks that interconnect, she got them right away.
These blocks are from Luco Toys and are simply called, Luco Blocks. There are 65 pieces in a set and you can choose to get them as colorful pieces or natural wood. We opted for the colored set.
The set contains four types of blocks; a cross (+), a straight piece, a long H and a short H (like a Capital I). The pieces fit snuggly together and can be moved without being forced. The wood isn’t too hard but they feel solid. The first project we built was a robot to battle the Mega-Block robot. (With the Mega-Blocks, they only build a tower, a wall or the robot example on the bag.) It stayed together really well, the 11 month old toppled the Mega-bot. L
The eco-friendly box contained: 18 Long H, 12 Short H, 13 Crosses and 22 Planks (straight pieces).
Here are some of the things we like about Luco Blocks:
These are nice blocks. There are only four shapes, so it was really easy for the 4yo to grasp the ways to connect them and just started right away.
Don’t fall over/apart when Lil’ Sister hits the ‘construction project, Daddy’. All other blocks are just begging to be knocked over. Our 4yo believes this is a personal attack on his creative process. (Man, they are cute.)
They are not too big and all the pieces are uniform so, clean up (which includes a thorough count BTW) would go fast if we were allowed to disassemble them after they are done playing.
My wife and I love that these toys are made from Rubber wood. Those trees used to be burned after they it could no longer provide Natural rubber. Making amazing toys is a better option.
Other things to consider about Luco Blocks:
These are inside toys! Rubber wood will warp and rot if they get wet for a while outside.
There are not enough pieces. I wish we could have bought a case of these things. They are great, but we had to limit the size of creations to make sure all the kids can play. (It’s still really new, so, if one has them out, they all gather around.)
Which leads me to… they are expensive. These are nicely made, perfectly machined and eco-friendly. However, they are packaged and marketed so they are like the other expensive from Europe. (The kind that you want to get your kids so they do not grow up to be dullards that never grow up to become engineers or architects.) (I just had to get them real Thomas Wooden trains and sets too, granted they have lasted three boys and will be played with by our daughter. They still cost many hundreds of dollars.)
Rubber wood comes from tropical Rubber Trees that have to be shipped to be manufactured. Rubber Trees are susceptible to fungi and insects and are treated chemically treated with Arsenic.
We all really liked the blocks and would give them 3.5 out 5 stars.

You can purchase Luco Wooden Bricks here.

This product was purchased at a promotional price for an honest review. The opinion expressed is 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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