Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Like A Landfill Than A Living Room

We spent most of last month moving into my Grandmothers house. My mother tried to pack up as much of it as she could, but combing two households worth of stuff isn't easy. Not to mention that I a a complete pack rat. We spent the last ten years in an apartment and all the closets and cupboards were packed full. It even took us an extra day to move out because we didn't realizes how much we actually have. After everything was moved my oldest son commented, "This looks more like a landfill than a living room." Unfortunately his comment held a lot of truth. So I have tried to make many goals for myself to pare down how much we have as we unpack. If it isn't truly necessary or greatly loved it needs to find a new home. I hope to share some of the 'treasures' I find along the way.
Are you a minimalist or a pack rat? How do you deal with all your 'stuff'?

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