Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Schedule

With Mr. O being out of school for the summer I thought I would try to create a better schedule at home for us to follow. Something that would resemble a school schedule but with more flexibility and fun.

Our daily schedule look like this:
8 AM Morning routine
9 AM Reading programs (you'll get to hear more about this soon)
10 AM Snack & outside time (weather permitting)
11 AM Clean up
11:30 AM Lunch
Noon Quite time & nap for Mr. C
2 PM Story time with snack
3 PM Clean up (again)
3:30 PM Free time
5 PM Dinner

Some of our evening already were scheduled so I just needed to fill in the blanks. Here is what I came up with:
Monday - Martial Arts
Tuesday - Craft Night
Wednesday - Martial Arts
Thursday - Family Game Night
Friday - Family Movie Night
Saturday - Unscheduled
Sunday - Visit Family

So far so good. We haven't followed it exactly but at least we have a plan. I have the most trouble getting myself to go outside with the boys. I make excuses.

Do you make a plan for your summer days or do you let the days take you where they may?

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