Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Crafts

Last night we sat down to do a couple of the crafts from Carefree Crafts. Mr. O finished his dinner first so he chose first. He decided on the popsicle stick flag. Mr. R wanted to make the windsock. I love how everything I needed is included in the kit. I didn't have to search for glue or markers.

Mr. O was able to make the flag with very little help from me. We hung it on our front door with a magnet.

Mr. R needed a little more help coloring the windsock. He did about half the coloring and I filled in the white spots. At first I was taking the backing off the stickers, but by the end he was doing this by himself. We have it hanging off our balcony railing.

The kit also comes with suggestions on how to explain the 4th of July to kids. There are still four crafts left in the kit. We are going to try to finish a couple more today.

I'll also try to post photos of the finished projects after I get my camera battery charged.

What are your favorite crafts? What crafts did you like when you were a kid? Do your kids have a favorite craft or activity?

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