Saturday, June 1, 2013 Review and Giveaway Review and Giveaway is a subscription-based educational website for kids age 2 to 6. This site is easy enough for even the youngest computer users to play games and do activities that will help them begin the journey into reading and other kindergarten skills. Kids earn points when they play games or complete an activity, which they can "spend" at a pretend online store. There are also no ads either!

From the colorful kindergarten classroom homepage and learning zoo, to interactive books and songs, there are so many choices here that most pre-school children will be able to come back to this site and find something new to do and learn every time. Even I couldn't believe how many different activities their were. My 4 year old was showing me around!

  • For ages 2-6
  • 450 lessons
  • 3000+ learning activities
  • The lessons are broken down into 6 levels.  
  • Each level includes 4 Subjects: Reading, Math, The World Around Us and Art & Colors.  

Preschool (Ages 3+):

Level 1- 410 Learning Activities

Level 2- 425 Learning Activities

Pre-K (Ages 4+):

Level 3- 452 Learning Activities

Level 4- 535 Learning Activities

Kindergarten (Ages 5+):

Level 5- 655 Learning Activities

Level 6- 631 Learning Activities

When your child finishes an activity or lesson, they will earn tickets.  The amount of tickets, depends on how difficult the activities/lesson is.  They are then able to spend the tickets in the shopping center.  Then they are able to go to the shopping center and buy things with their tickets.  There is a Pet Store where they can buy animals and stuff for the animals cages, etc.  There is also a clothes store, where they can purchase new clothing for their Avatar, etc.

Here are some of the great features at!

The bedroom



Parents Homepage


Our Experience:

We had a lot of fun with ABCmouse. It was an honor to work with them. My 4 year old was extremely excited to get started. She has improved greatly since we began. Even my 3 year old has show progress! He is delayed a bit. So this program is definitely giving him the push he needs. I'm not sure if he will be ready for Pre-K in the fall, but I know I can count on ABCmouse to help get us moving. 

It was a slow start, as they had to get used to using a mouse. But it has been an easy journey since. They are both learning to read now and can tell me all of the letters in the alphabet by reading them! Even some small words! It is so surprising that a simple online program can help improve their skills so greatly. My 3 year old is not developing as fast as I would like, so it was a shock at how well he can read. He doesn't talk much yet, but he can tell me what numbers and letters are now. It is simply astonishing. I am so pleased to have had the chance to review ABCmouse with them. It has now became a staple with our family. I will use it with all of my children. The commercial is also really catchy. My 4 year old is always repeating it. haha

I also love the reward process that they have. For completing activities on the learning path they can receive tickets. There is also a coin based reward, which they can use to "purchase" pets, supplies and fun things for their virtual bedroom. 

Have you tried ABCmouse
Such a great way to keep your childrens' minds ready for the upcoming school years! What do you think you think your child would like best about

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