Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bloggers Wanted - New and Nursing Mommy Giveaway

My Four Littles is thrilled to bring you a great blogger opp with products for mommies!!!
Current sponsors include Majamas Nursing Wear, Natural Newborn, Sophie the Giraffe (3 win), Teething Bling, Rockin' Green, Kissed by the Moon, Milk Bands, Preggie Pops (3 win), Peek Away, Happy Family, Giggle Poo, and Funny Face Cranberries.
Check out My Four Littles for the full prize list.
If you don't wish to write your own announcement post, HERE is some text for you to use.
Right now we're hoping to run the giveaway from January 14th to February 7th, 2013. We ask that you promote the giveaway at least three times a week.
- Each blogger gets a free Facebook link and a free Twitter link.
- For $6 you may host a page (host pages will be first come first serve in the order of sign ups).
- For $12 you may be a cohost with up to four links on the Rafflecopter plus your blog name and link in the giveaway post.
The blogger that refers the most will receive free cohost (or refunded cohost if applicable).
Use the form HERE to sign up. Thanks for participating!

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